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The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) recently received full membership from the Proudly South African campaign and can now use the Proudly SA logo on all its promotional material.

The Directorate of Corporate Affairs and Marketing applied on behalf of the institution, as it is believed that there is a lot of synergy between the Proudly SA campaign and our institutionís own philosophy and strategic direction. It also provide us with an opportunity to link the TUT brand to a well-established, trusted brand therefore enriching and promoting our own brand. A great advantage in terms of the low budget for brand promotion at TUT.

The accreditation is based on the quality of the products offered by TUT and the fact that more than 80% of its content is South African.

Accreditation comes with a certain responsibility and TUT is required to manage the application of the Proudly SA logo Ė if possible Ė even more tightly than that of our own.

For this reason the following will apply:

The accreditation also provide TUT with marketing opportunities for our services and products. Your Corporate Affairs and Marketing  representative will discuss how this advantage can be leveraged in your particular environment.  It also provides networking opportunities with fellow Proudly SA companies Ė an advantage that will be coordinated from the Directorate.

Corporate Affairs and Marketing will reapply on an annual basis.

The key benefits of membership are:

Proudly South African: Terms and Conditions of Membership

Version: 1 January 2004


 Management and staff of the applicant organisation will, at all times:

a) Support the aims and objectives of the Proudly South African campaign.
b) Obtain prior approval from Proudly South African for any use of the Proudly South African logo.
c) Abide by the terms and conditions in the Code of Practice.
d) Whenever possible, increase the level of local content in the applicant organisationís product and / or business
e) Practice fair and responsible standards including compliance with all labour legislation.
f) Maintain and improve the quality of the applicant organisationís activities, products and services.
g) Practice sensible environmental behaviour.
h) Help to promote the Proudly South African campaign to the applicant organisationís staff, customers, suppliers
    and stakeholders.


Management and staff of the applicant organisation will, at all times:

a) Give first preference to other Proudly South African companies when purchasing goods, materials and services
    required for the applicant organisationís activities.
b) Notify other Proudly South African members of such supply opportunities when they arise.
c) Wherever possible, purchase the materials, goods and services required for the applicant organisationís
    activities from companies or suppliers operating in South Africa who use materials made in South Africa and
    labour which is South African.
d) Ensure that the applicant organisationís buying and procurement policies and decisions reflect the applicant
    organisationís commitment to the Proudly South African campaign.


Management of the applicant company agrees to furnish additional information, as may be required by the Proudly South African organisation, in order for the Proudly South African to satisfy itself that the applicant organisation qualifies for membership. While Proudly South African recognises the applicant organisationís rights to withhold information it deems sensitive or private, failure to supply information requested by Proudly South African may disqualify the applicant organisation from obtaining Proudly South African membership and Proudly South Africanís decision in this regard will be final.


Both before and after membership has been granted, Proudly South African may conduct certain compliance checks on member organisations. The management of the applicant organisation agrees to provide full co-operation with Proudly South African or its representatives during the process and conducting of these compliancy checks. Details of Proudly South Africanís compliancy checks policy is available on request from Proudly South African. It can also be viewed or downloaded from the Proudly South African web site.

Applicants operating in the Clothing and Textile Industry, should please note the following: As imports of cheap raw materials, finished products and poor labour practices are detrimental to the South African textile industry, the South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union is concerned about the job losses in this sector. It would like to encourage job creation and will, as part of the Proudly South African compliance check in this sector, approach management of the applicant company to ensure sound labour practice. A copy of this questionnaire can be obtained from Proudly South African. It can also be viewed or downloaded from the Proudly South African web site.


a)    Proudly South African reserves the right to cancel any member organisationís subscription at any time if
       compliance checks provide evidence that the member organisation does not conform or is not operating in
       accordance with Proudly South African standards. In such a case any refund of the subscription fee will be
       entirely at the discretion of Proudly South African.

b)    The applicant organisation agrees in advance that , upon cancellation for any reason whatsoever, the
       member organisation will provide a written confirmation to Proudly South African that the use of all Proudly South
       African materials and logos has ceased, or will cease to be used within 30 days of the writing of the letter. In
       addition, the cancelled member organisation will return all unused materials to Proudly South African at its own
       expense, including the current yearís membership certificate if that certificateís period of validity is current. 

About Proudly South African

Proudly South African is an exciting campaign to promote South African companies, products and services which are helping to create jobs and economic growth in our country.

Supported by organised labour, organised business, government and community organisations, Proudly South African is the way for every South African to do something concrete to support job creation, and help build our young nation.

At the heart of the campaign is the Proudly South African logo. Companies who meet the standards set by Proudly South African can use the logo to identify themselves, their products and services.

The criteria which must be met before the logo can be used are:

By meeting these standards, consumers can be re-assured that companies and their products carrying the Proudly South African symbol are of a high quality and socially responsible - not to mention supporting the local economy.

You will see the Proudly South African logo appearing on various products throughout the country.

We encourage you to look for the logo when you buy - whether it's a new sleeping bag or a new shirt, a new CD or some new make-up.

Every time you purchase a product with the logo, you are making a vital personal contribution - not just to creating jobs in your own country, but also to quality improvement and a sense of pride in our new nation.

But the campaign is not just for businesses and companies. Membership is open to a wide range of organizations who want to support South African companies and products. NGOs, sports organisations, education and health institutions, government departments at local, provincial and national level, publications, even individuals - all can join the campaign as members.

Chairman of the campaign is well-known broadcaster, journalist and media personality Tim Modise. Proudly South African is an initiative of the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) and is supported by organised business, organised labour, government and the community.

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