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In designing the Tshwane University of Technology identity style, management elected to follow a monolithic corporate identity structure. This structure is the clearest and easiest way to depict what we represent. However, using a monolithic identity requires eternal vigilance. The monolithic presentation has to be guarded from damage and demands consistent performance, quality and scrupulous attention to detail.

Similar to ABSA and IBM this structure is used where the organisation uses one name and visual style throughout. A characteristic of this identity structure is longevity, internationality and recognisability. Generally this approach is taken by organisations that offer products and services that are very similar to those of their competitors – such as the higher education sector.

Such institutions believe that their image and reputation are essential elements in their business – and use them precisely and powerfully to attract business and distinguish themselves from competitors.

Very often, although the products and services of such organisations may differ from those of their competitors, they are not necessarily vastly different – and it might well be the case that the apparent differences between their own and others in the market reside principally in the way their identities are used.

The meticulous implementation and maintenance of our carefully designed system will powerfully promote Tshwane University of Technology amongst its clients and the public.

Just as we protect our staff, our infrastructure and all other resources, Tshwane University of Technology’s dynamic new corporate identity should be treated in the same manner. In other words, it should be cultivated and guarded as a corporate resource and asset.

By being aware that it is essential for our new identity to have a consistent appearance wherever – and whenever – it appears, you will be making an immediate, valuable contribution towards the positive presentation of Tshwane University of Technology as a whole and its favourable long-term image.

Please ensure the consistent and uniform application of our identity to all elements requiring identification.

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