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This logo is the official corporate symbol of the Tshwane University of Technology and is used in all instances.

The logo


the logotype, Tshwane University of Technology,

form a unit and are used together and may only be separated in extreme instances and only with approval of the Directorate of Corporate Relations. The logotype must be used in the same proportion, position and typeface as shown on this page.

The positioning line

must be used together with the logo and logotype as far as possible.

However, in rare instances where the requirements of a good design necessitate it, the positioning line may be separated from the logo and logotype. However, the logo and the positioning line must appear on the same page. The following alternatives apply:

If a document with a logo on is to be photocopied the original document must be created with a solid black version of the logo. (A solid black logo letterhead template is available at the Directorate of Corporate Relations and also Publication and Design Services and will only be used for duplication purposes).


 Home   |    Introduction   |   General guidelines   | Logo   |   Sub-Identities   |   Application of the logo